Samsung clearly showing the fridge contents of no one on the planet.

Samsung appears to be going a little over the top in terms of inclusions to some of its kitchen goods.  Adding a small monitor to the front of your fridge may seems a superfluous addition, but a giant screen with cameras to show the contents and built-in integration with the Bixby assistant?  This seems more excessive than that thick layer of blubber this fridge helps you to build around your midsection.

Who’s up for spending over $3500 on a fridge that can show the contents on a screen instead of $2000 for the same model where you’re required to *gasp* open the actual door?  Does anyone really *need* to check their Facebook feed on their fridge door?  Can you really not miss seven seconds of commercials while you grab another can of Coke?

On a positive note, you’ll now get a better idea of which fat bastard stole that piece of pie you’ve been storing (at the perfect temperature) and when.