There’s a very clear and simple reason I fear the robot revolution.  Imagine, if you will, a robot assistant who:

  • Does your job so you get paid, but don’t need to go yourself.
  • Picks up the kids from school.
  • Drops off the dry cleaning.
  • Goes shopping for groceries.
  • Takes the dog for a walk.

It’s not just this kind of future robot you should fear.

Before you know it:

  • The robot nets that big promotion at work (because it does it better than you).
  • The kids call it ‘daddy’ (because it’s a better parent than you).
  • The dry cleaning becomes unnecessary (because you don’t go to work anymore).
  • You can’t remember the way to the grocery store (because you don’t go there anymore).
  • The dog growls at you (because you don’t take it for walks).
  • It’s fucking your wife (because it’s a better lover than you are).

There’s only one way to prevent both your obsolescence and this apocalypse…  take a sledgehammer to your shiny, new smartphone right now!