General Motors wants to have a street-legal, autonomous vehicle that has absolutely no driver input mechanism by 2019.  Technically, this is known as a Level 4 Self-Driving Vehicle, which sounds like a really bad Dungeons & Dragons spell.

I cast Level 4 Crap Car Idea of the Infinite!

Aside from the legal argument to get this on the road, I’m kinda skeptical about autonomous cars.  How long before people arrive late to work with the excuse of “My car got stoned at 4am, got a wicked craving for some 10w40 oil and a little tree air freshener, and didn’t get back to the house until after noon!”?

What happens when you tell the car you want to go to see your cousin, and replies with “I don’t like him.  He’s a bad influence on you.”, refuses to take you and insists on going somewhere else instead?

Of course, this isn’t the first car on the market that would be completely without driver input.  That crown has already been taken…


A car without driver input… yesterday.