The ancient Greeks foresaw this, and even they weren’t impressed.

Snapchat has updated its interface, but this hasn’t quite gone as planned.  The vast majority of users – a whopping 83% – in the countries where the update is widely available have slammed the revamped look and feel.  To make matters worse, they’ve done away with any option to bring back the older interface, and have been replying to users who have voiced their ire with the offer to answer any questions about the changes.

Snapchat has become the preferred method of exposing your genitals to strangers, despite it being against their terms of service.

Despite the thinking that Millenials – the biggest and most fluent users of social media – are hardier to change than previous generations, it seems that they’re every bit as resistant to changes in design.  Considering that Snapchat is the, like, super-now app among teens and young adults, this is not a good outcome.

Take note.  If you’re heading a social media firm, make sure you’ve done extensive research (and sought the opinion) of your user base before you commit to making big changes to the interface.